All Good Lips SPF 15 – Chai


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Is it too much to ask for sunscreen lip balm without weird chemical tastes or waxy white films? We say no. All Good Lip Balm with SPF is crafted with plant-based suncare ingredients that blend in with your skin, glide on easily, and hydrate your lips without having to reapply again and again (and again). With a hint of Chai for year-round Fall vibes.

  • Broad Spectrum SPF 15
  • Vegetarian, cruelty-free, paraben free, oxybenzone free
  • Healing protection made from plants
  • Water-resistant, reef safe lip balm
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5 out of 5

Okay, chai is the best flavor for lip balm EVER! Why does no one else make this? Not that it even matters — All Good is now my main lip balm dealer. Thank you for making this awesome product with SPF to protect my lips!

5 out of 5

My daughters got me this, and it’s my new must-have! Now we all use it!

5 out of 5

Perfect for Fall!

5 out of 5

Aside from the fact that this is an SPF product, I would choose this product over any gloss, lipstick or chapstick any day! I actually get a really nice color/sheen on my lips from this product and LOVE the scent and taste. Knowing it’s giving my family the protection our lips need makes it second to none!

5 out of 5

I made a thorough study of lip balms with sunscreen. I didn’t want to, in effect, eat noxious chemicals, but I also wanted effective protection from the sun. On the basis of what I could ascertain in writing, All Good became my choice. Then, when I telephoned to find out more about the company, it only rose higher in my estimation. I spoke with Hilary. She could not have been more helpful.

5 out of 5

Love this flavor!

5 out of 5

I have been using your products for about two years or more. I had severely chapped lips and only All Good Lips remedied the problem. I have purchased items for family members who had excellent results. My last order contained chai and coconut good lips and I was very much satisfied with the product. I will continue to order the chai, etc. in the future. I love goop which is so effective.

5 out of 5

Obviously these are the best chapsticks you are going to find, because they are made with all good things, but this product is my favorite flavor. Go buy and try!


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