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I Take The Pledge: Only #ReefFriendly Sunscreens


The cornerstone of this campaign is taking the #ReefFriendly sunscreen pledge. The pledge is a simple action with important impacts as participants are asked to share their pledge with their social networks, to support policy efforts to encourage the use of #ReefFriendly sunscreens and to make the personal commitment to use #ReefFriendly sunscreens whenever possible.

Every pledge makes this movement stronger and is one more person taking action to protect coral reefs.

Thank you for your support - spread the word far and wide.
We can do this - together.

Take the Pledge: Only #ReefFriendly Sunscreens.



Our Campaign Goals:

  1. Raise awareness and increase support for the protection and restoration of fragile reef ecosystems.
  2. Secure #ReefFriendly sunscreen pledges across the Hawaiian Islands in preparation for the sunscreen summer high season.
  3. Positively disrupt people's relationship to sunscreen by helping consumers understand that they can choose #ReefFriendly sunscreens that are healthier for the environment without sacrificing performance.
  4. Support policy efforts around the world to ban the use of the ‘Awful Eight’ active chemical sunscreen ingredients proven detrimental to marine ecosystems including the “No on Oxybenzone” policies in Hawaii.
  5. Build a #ReefFriendly sunscreen movement and organize a coalition of supporting organizations, companies and individuals across the Hawaiian Islands.
  6. Elevate mineral sunscreens as the preferred sunscreen option for people looking to protect their skin and ‘do no harm’ to our marine ecosystems.


By taking the pledge, we hope you will do the following to help build a #ReefFriendly movement:

How can you support the campaign?:

  1. Take the #ReefFriendly Sunscreens pledge and share it on your social media networks. Each of you are influencers to your own network and this action of taking a pledge and sharing it with your people helps raise awareness and understanding. Of course, by taking the pledge.
  2. Support policy efforts to ban harmful chemical sunscreen ingredients.
  3. Ask your local store to carry and prominently promote mineral based sunscreens that meet the #ReefFriendly criteria.
  4. Take a look at the ingredients in your sunscreen or any skincare product with SPF in it.  Cross check the active ingredients with our reef-friendly criteria list to ensure that there are no toxic chemicals hiding in your sunscreen.