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All Good Ambassadors

We’re not the only ones working toward a better world for people and planet. These are the folks who inspire us to have fun, do good, and make everything better. Meet our ambassadors – champions of the greater good.


Professional Surfer

Young Entrepreneur Powerhouse

Professional Big Wave Surfer

Expert Thrill Seeker

Elite Level Climber

Master Yoga Teacher

Professional Kiteboarder

Kickass Business Woman

Professional Ski Mountaineer

Environmental Activist

Professional Kitesurfer

Ocean Preservation Enthusiast

Professional Big Wave Surfer

Water Sports Junkie

Professional Surfer

Devoted Family Man

Man standing on a boat wearing All Good shirt and hat with ocean in the background

Austin Kalama

Waterman | Kayaking Fiend

Austin Kalama is a waterman by skill and by blood, growing up on the island of Maui as a 4th generation Hawaiian waterman and oldest son of Dave Kalama (an All Good Ambassador as well!). Austin triumphs nearly any type of wave riding or water craft, with his favorite being the newest wave riding sport – prone and SUP foil boarding. As an expert foil boarder, Austin sets the bar of the new sport by testing innovative equipment and by throwing airs and maneuvers never done before in the sport. When Austin is not working as a Kayak Guide, he is playing in his backyard: our pacific ocean.


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Pua Desoto

Professional Surfer | Young Entrepreneur Powerhouse

Pua DeSoto is a professional surfer with dreams of representing the United States in the Olympics some day. Despite only recently hitting her teenage years, don’t let her age fool you. She is a nationally-ranked champion who doubles as the co-founder of a t-shirt brand — all before age 16. Pua finds immense importance in her Hawaiian ancestry, and knows never to underestimate the importance of family-time.

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Paige Alms

Professional Big Wave Surfer | Expert Thrill Seeker

Paige Alms is an accomplished, self-taught, 2x Big Wave Champion based in Maui. Growing up with Pe’ahi in her backyard—also known as Jaws, and one of the largest surf breaks in the world—she is among a small, elite group of surfers, let alone women surfers, capable of surfing waves that big. In 2016 Alms made history by becoming the first, and still only, woman to catch a barrel there. Alms defies the boundaries of big-wave surfing – a sport that is historically dominated by men – by pushing herself to ride waves alongside her peers with the hopes of inspiring others to do the same. 

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Olivia Hsu

Elite Level Climber | Master Yoga Teacher

Olivia Hsu is an Elite Level Climber who is passionate about bringing yoga to climbers. She found yoga to be the perfect compliment to climbing, cultivating focus and flexibility on both the mental and physical levels. A Boulder, CA native, Olivia has spent over half her life climbing in over two dozen countries. When she isn’t scaling a mountain or guiding a trekking retreat in the Himalayas, you can find her spending quality time with her baby boy Walker. 

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Sensi Graves

Professional Kiteboarder | Kickass Business Woman

Sensi Graves is a powerhouse Professional Kiteboarder who knows a thing or two about the wonders of the ocean. Apart from being an inspirational water woman, she is the founder of Sensi Graves Bikinis, which recently made the transition to have all of their swimsuit designs be made with recycled fabrics. Sensi is a firm believer in sustainable, responsible business which means she not only talks the talk — she walks it too. We proud 1% for the Planet Members alongside Sensi Graves Bikinis. 

women in hiking attire looking forward with wind hitting her face

Caroline Gleich

Professional Ski Mountaineer | Environmental Activist

Caroline Gleich is a Professional Ski Mountaineer based in Salt Lake City, UT. She might be 5’2”, but this rockstar woman has big dreams to climb the tallest mountains in the world. (Fun fact – Caroline was the first woman ever to ski all 90 lines in The Chuting Gallery guidebook). A nature lover since birth, Caroline uses her voice as an athlete to advocate for social and environmental causes, working on issues such as climate change, clean air, gender equality and cyber harassment with non-profits.

girl sitting on surf board in the water with flower behind her ear and sunscreen on her face

Moona Whyte

Professional Kitesurfer | Ocean Preservation Enthusiast

Moona Whyte is a Professional Kitesurfer and 3x World Champion who was born on the beaches of Hawaii. Her life-long love for nature and the ocean inspires her to simplify her life and adopt sustainable practices, in order to protect the ecosystems that exist beneath the waves she loves to catch. Moona travels the world doing what she loves — kitesurfing, and spreading awareness about the importance of ocean preservation.

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Dave Kalama

Professional Big Wave Surfer | Water Sports Junkie

Dave Kalama is a big wave surfer (tow-in surfer, for all of you well-versed surfers out there), stand-up paddle racer, windsurfer, outrigger canoe racer, private adventure guide, and then some. Kalama has been credited with co-development of the tow-in surfing technique and of “foil surfing” (hydrofoil surfing). His family lines run deep into the world of Hawaiian water sports, having several towns and beaches named after the Kalama klan. Him and his family are role models in today’s surf etiquette and are a constant representation of what it means to be #AllGood. Kalama, his wife, 2 sons and 1 daughter live in Kula, Maui.

man in all good hat holding up shaka with his hand

Duane Desoto

Professional Surfer | Devoted Family Man

Duane DeSoto is a Professional Surfer born and raised on the west side of Oahu. In 2010 Duane DeSoto took the Oxbow ASP World Longboard Championship by posting the event’s highest scores on record and taking five heat victories. A father of seven with a passion for education and giving back, DeSoto created Nā Kama Kai (Children of the Sea) – a non-profit organization that brings ocean-based safety and conservation programs directly to Hawaii’s youth.

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