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Our Team



Caroline Duell

El Corazon/Founder/President

Favorite All Good Product: “SPF 50 Sunscreen Butter”. Butter makes everything better.

Caroline has been making herbal medicines for herself, her friends and family since 1995, and developed the formula for All Good Goop in 1998. In 2005 she realized it was turning into a business, and established All Good in the end of that year. Much has happened in that time, but the process and attention to detail for that original product remains unchanged. With an all-star team, including her husband, Ryan, she doesn’t know how she ever did it without everyone. When not entrenched in company growth, Caroline loves to play on granite rocks, single-track trails, windblown waves and untracked snowfields, all with an eye for new adventures.


Susan Steeb


Favorite All Good Product: Lavender Body Lotion and Lavender Coconut Oil . I use the oil after showering and the lotion at night. It smells great, keeps my skin soft and I sleep like a baby.”

Susan moved to SLO with her husband in 2015. She has over 25 years of financial and operations experience in music, entertainment, mobile technology, cleantech and sustainability. She is focused on building operational capacity to facilitate rapid growth of clean and sustainable products. Finding All Good was a perfectly timed match. When not crunching numbers, she can be found flying her Bonanza, working in her yard or hiking the local hills with her dog Stella.


Misty Lister

Sales, Brand Educator & PR

Favorite All Good Product: Coconut Body Lotion. Feels luxurious and leaves my entire body soft and silky, plus there are no harmful ingredients or toxic preservatives.”

With a background in marketing, publishing, nonprofit and event production, Misty brings a diverse skill set to the All Good PR team where she loves chasing leads and communicating with journalists. A bonafide “clean products junkie”, if she’s not sending emails on behalf of All Good’s social and environmental pursuits, you’ll most likely find her teaching a standup paddle board fitness class or playing catch with her two dog-daughters, Daisy & Fleesha.


Annie Flick

Sales, Brand Educator

Favorite All Good Product: All Good Lips SPF 15- Original. I don't leave home without it. Whether I am in the ocean or hiking, sitting down for a meeting, or going out on the town- I am never far from my beloved AG Original Lip Balm! The smell, feel and SPF protection can't be beat.”

Annie grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and went to college in South Carolina. After graduating from school, Annie taught English on the border of Thailand and Cambodia and traveled through Southeast Asia, New Zealand & Australia before returning to the states and spreading her roots in San Diego. Annie can now be found in Sunny SoCal enjoying the beautiful weather and waves. 


Keely Bruns

Sales and Marketing Hawaii

Favorite All Good Product: All Good Goop "I carry the 1oz in my purse at all times. It's good for dry skin, cuts, bites, really everything on the daily.”

With more than 15 years of experience Keely has introduced products to markets through grass roots and traditional marketing initiatives as well as built relationships between brands and consumers. Combining her diverse background in marketing and sales with her love for the ocean and environment, Keely has found her passion to educate and inspire people to choose brands that have high standards of their social and environmentally impact to their community.


Audrey Taub

Goop Maven

Favorite All Good Product:
All Good Goop. I have a big jar for everything. My son Sage loves that it doesn’t sting when he puts it on a bug bite.”

Audrey joined All Good in March 2008 to help out with office work and shipping. She has now taken on coordination of all in house production. She makes All Good Goop with a team of dedicated herbal goddesses! With a diverse background from Washington State wilderness education to NYC financial institutions, Audrey is an expert mathematician and keen animal tracker.

Julia Schwebel

Goop Goddess / Warehouse Warrior

Favorite All Good Product:
All Good Goop: a simple formula with infinite uses. It soothes the poison oak I get often and is wonderful to have handy to heal up any surf related adventure wounds on myself or friends.

Julia grew up down by the bay in a small home with a big garden surrounded by a wonderful community. As the community grows and she does too, she strives to live simply and sustainably. Doing that sometimes comes in forms of expressions for her through surfing, art, music and foraging the coastal hills for wild foods! All things done in solitude or in a fit of giggles with friends are equally enjoyable.


Megan Jio

Office Wrangler

Favorite All Good Product: Herbal Freeze - it’s a must-have in my travel bag / first-aid cabinet

With her long lasso, Megan wrangles the team together and gets them going in the same direction. Keeper of the All Good stock room, she is a master organizer. She even gets to play with the product from time to time and uses her magic to turn it into fun works of art! When she's not here, you can find her in France (most likely eating amazing food), or at Montana de Oro with a good book.


Lindsey Mitchell

Goop Gal/Warehouse Warrior

Favorite All Good Product: "All Good Goop. Love the way it smells and how it heals dry skin!"

Lindsey Mitchell infuses her love of dance, passion for teaching kids, and zest for life into the All Good mix. You can regularly find her biking, hiking and surfing lovely Morro Bay and surrounding areas.

Michele Mader

Sales Manager

Favorite All Good Product:
Kid's Sunscreen Lotion. I love the way it goes on creamy and clear - and that it has chamomile for soothing my sun sensitive skin.”

Michele is a 40 year Grocery (Kroger, Wild Oats, Natural Grocers) veteran. She's worked on the natural side as a category manager (Natural Grocers), purchasing manager (Wild Oats), and now sales since 2006. Her hobbies include river kayaking and rafting, enjoying live music and textile arts. 


Nydia Gonzalez

Goop Goddess/Warehouse Gal

Favorite All Good Product: Herbal Freeze. "I love the way that it almost instantly helps soothes my sore and achy muscles."

Nydia was born and raised on the Central Coast, and enjoys spending her time surfing, hiking, as well as creating content with video and film photography.


Ryan Rich

Nacho Libre/Co-Owner/VP of Sales & Marketing

Favorite All Good Product: Herbal Freeze. It has replaced my need for Advil to take the edge off chronic pain.”

Ryan has been consulting for All Good for years and came on board officially in January 2009 to manage national sales accounts, distributors and sales rep teams. As an organic farmer and organic food broker, he brings extensive experience from these industries. Ryan’s passion is growing food and implementing sustainable farm systems. In his not so spare time, he’s an activist and political junkie; but if there is wind blowing on the coast or fresh snow falling in the mountains, you’ll know where to find him.


Ian Maulhardt

Quarterback/Director of Operations

Favorite All Good Product: New All Good SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Lotion:  "Perfect for long surfs and rides".

An avid surfer and SLO native, Ian brings a diverse skill-set to the All Good team. He has a background spanning consumer goods, biotechnology and finance. At All Good, he runs daily business operations and keeps an eye on planning for current and future growth. A proud father of two, Ian shares the company’s vision of providing high-quality products that are healthy for our bodies and the planet. When not strategizing with the group, he is likely off on an adventure with his family, trail running with his dog, or exploring surf spots along the beautiful Central Coast.


David Fortson

Global Marketing Partner

Favorite All Good Product: All Good Goop.  To me, All Good Goop is All Good - the simplicity, the healing power, the effectiveness, the intention, environmentally friendly, and its utility.  I have it in my car, at the office and in my cabinet at home.”

As the marketing team for All Good, LoaCom has the honor of helping manifest the company vision and vibe whether you are at one of our retailers, finding us on Instagram or signing our pledge to go Reef Friendly.  For us, our goal is to express in all forms how All Good makes everything better.


Elizabeth Davidson

Global Marketing Partner


Favorite All Good Product: SPF 30 Kid's Sunscreen Spray. Don't let the name fool you -- this magic sunscreen spray isn't just for kids. I love how easily it goes on and how well it protects my skin during a day at the beach!”

Elizabeth grew up on the Central Coast not far from All Good headquarters in Morro Bay. After graduating from UCSB, she started working for LoaCom which is where her world collided with Team All Good. She loves to play games with friends, has mad storytelling skills, and is a full-time funky dance move enthusiast.


Hilary Langdon

Communications Ambassador

Favorite All Good Product: "The Coconut Sunstick. It smells delicious and works awesomely, without any of the chemicals!”

Hilary moved to the central coast in 2005 to study Graphic Design at Cal Poly. She helps with website updates and social media & marketing at All Good, as well as stellar customer service. Hilary loves Jazz & Blues and sings in a local band. She also works part time for a beautiful winery in the Edna Valley, and studies Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine in her spare time. As often as possible, you will find her somewhere in Big Sur, camping or hiking to a waterfall. 


Lindsey Bolton

Community Rockstar

Favorite All Good Product:Kids Sunscreen Lotion + All Good Goop. A combination of these two products works really well on my eczema. I love that my skin looks less inflamed after using them."

Lindsey is in fact a rockstar. A witty optimist, Lindsey never fails to make friends and lighten the atmosphere with her penchant for foreign accents! She grew up in northern California and moved to the Central Coast in 2005 to attend Cal Poly where she studied Social Sciences. A self-proclaimed bleeding heart, she found her passions in wellness, social advocacy, food and adventure, she stuck around the coast to explore them all! Lindsey has been long time fan of All Good and now she coordinates events and donations, co-creates social media content and connects with West Coast accounts for this ALL GOOD company. She loves living life to the fullest so you can often times find her headed out on her next road trip, hiking, trying out new recipes or in the midst of some DIY project!


Leona Williams

Inside Sales Representative

Favorite All Good Product: Original Lip Balm SPF 15:  "I love how smooth it goes on, and how healing it is to my lips.

Leona has been in inside sales for about 5 years, and in sales for 25 years. She loves her job, connecting with people, and getting to share with them the products she believes in! As far as hobbies, she loves to spend as much time as she can with her granddaughter, going for walks with my dogs, and walking on the beach in the rain!


Angela Dunning

Private Label / Product Development Manager

Favorite All Good Product: All Good Goop:  "It’s the perfect product for a busy mom to help with an assortment of skin irritations from dry skin to bug bites. Plus it’s great for airplanes, a little dab under the nose to keep the smells at bay.".

Angela lives in SLO with her husband and 2 boys.  Her background is in product development and marketing for the professional beauty industry. On her spare time, she owns and operates a small bed and breakfast on a family owned vineyard in the central coast with her husband.

Jenny Hoekstra

Sales and Marketing Intern

Favorite All Good Product: Coconut Lip Balm:  "I love how its a similar formula to our Goop, a miracle healing product, but geared for the lips. The calendula heals effectively while the coconut tastes so dang good—not to mention its certified organic!".

Jenny is a Southern California Native, but really found a home here on the Central Coast when she came to SLO to attend Cal Poly back in 2015; she is now finishing up her final year as a student and will graduate with a BA in Business Admin and a double minor in Sustainable Environments and Supply Chain. Her passion for people and for the outdoors has led her to most of her favorite opportunities in life and most recently, to the All Good family.

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