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Tom Lombardo
Author, American Underground

Your All Good Goop product is absolutely amazing. I think it would cure anything wrong with your skin. It cured me of an annoying rash and now I'm using it as skin nourishment. It has a fountain-of-youth impact. I have no idea how you did it. Awesome product, thank you!

George Crezee

Get Off the Couch & Go Founder of Big Bear Lake, CA

26 Reasons Why I Use Herbal Freeze by All Good: On my 60th birthday, I completed 26 sporting events in a 20 hour period. I had a great support team without whom I could not have achieved what I did that day. I also had Herbal Freeze from All Good to help me deal with muscle soreness and pain. Like many people, I have chronic neck and back problems. Herbal Freeze helps to ease my pain and has allowed me to reduce my intake of ibuprofen. I feel healthier and able to sustain my active lifestyle. You don’t need 26 reasons to try Herbal Freeze – you just need one! So Get Off The Couch And Go! Remember – No Excuses!

Ryan Bollens
Extreme Landcruiser Adventurist

At an event in Pismo Beach, one of the attendees saw I was having problems with my hands since I was doing heavy automotive work with them. The automotive chemicals made my skin so tough and tight I couldn't bend my fingers. They gave me the 1oz container of All Good Goop that they kept in their glovebox. I used it until it was gone and realized my skin problems also were gone. Now with Goop, and a good pair of gloves - I am back to normal. I proudly bought a 9oz container and proceeded to do my feet and elbows as well. It has improved the condition of my body overall. I feel this is a product I can stand behind.


Morro Bay Visitor

I never write "thank you's" directly to the company who has changed my life, but no joke, I had to this time! I bought your All Good Lips Original at a local health store and seriously, it has changed my life!!!!! For months I've tried numerous natural lip products and whiteout fail, every morning my lips were dried and peeling. I tried yours for just one day, and MAGIC, no peeling!!! I can't be without it now and I want to go buy out the stock at the store. I will never look at another lip product again and hope I will never have to live without yours!!! Thank you for making such a wonderfully organic product!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Corey Felton
Jackson, WY

After being down south in the Caribbean for a week for some time in the sun before ski season, I really got to put the All Good sunscreen to the test. Unlike other all natural sunscreens, this stuff is not pasty or waxy. It worked so well and I would strongly recommend it to anyone. It even works better than all the stuff filled with chemicals that is bad for your skin. No more of that stuff for me.

Chris Burkard
Sport & Action Photographer
Central Coast, CA

I love all of the products and I feel like they fit directly into my line of work and needs I have on a daily basis.

Dion M. Sullivan
San Francisco, CA

After a lifetime of using conventionally popular topical medicants, Herbal Freeze is truly the best product I’ve ever tried.

Jeff Andersen
Napa, CA

Your Sunstick product is perfect for golfers to use to reapply sunblock during a round. No muss, no fuss, no need to take off my golf glove and get sunblock on my hands.

Joseph Ison
Britesport Cycling Team Member

All Good from Morro Bay is another new sponsor for the team for 2013. We are proud and thankful to have them support the team with their awesome All Good Goop product. ALL GOOD GOOP. I know, it sounds funny, right? Bottom line is that this stuff works, and it works for almost everything for your skin. I personally carry this with me on every ride. Living around the Bay Area, we experience different types of weather, sometimes in the span of 4 or 5 hours, and that takes a toll on the skin. ALL GOOD GOOP (it’s just fun to say) works great for chapped lips or any dry/ irritated skin. Big thanks to All Good for helping the team out!

Jonathan Waterman
All Good Activist Athlete
2012 Research Project on the Pacific Gyre

On behalf of all 38 of us aboard the Robert C. Seamans, from the heart of the Pacific Ocean, researching plastic pollution, we would like to thank you so much for your generous donation that kept us from frying in the sun. We’ve kept the large, refillable and recyclable All Good pump bottles out on the quarterdeck through rain and shine, but mostly blazing sun. In 34 days and counting out here in the mid-Pacific, there is not a sunburn or a lip blister in sight. Also, the All Good Goop has been great for chafing hands (from endless line hauling), and the Herbal Freeze for our aching backs. Thank you , thank you, thank you!!! Click here read more about the SEA program.

Fan from the Oregon Coast

This is the best tinted lip balm with SPF ever!!! Organic ingredients, beautiful colors, and gluten free too. I have four colors so far, and hope to try Red Rocks and Pacific Mist also. The hues are all lovely and I like the feel and sparkle as well. Thanks for making a great product. I wear them everyday, as I am outdoors a lot.

Adventure Racer

I first ran across this lip balm at an Adventure Racing training camp where it was handed out as swag with the Keen footware company's logo on it. My lips had become severely chapped over the last couple days of outdoor activities in the cold and I had forgotten chapstick. I was happy when I got this but I was ecstatic when I saw that it contained Calendula as I had other experiences with Calendula products for skin issues like sunburn. This chapstick cured my chapped lips over night. Truly a wonderful product. I now carry it in my Adventure Racing kit for the 8-30 hour races right next to the sunblock. Great stuff.

Jordan Romero
15 year old mountaineer (at the time)
At Large on the Earth's Tallest Mountains

I just tried Herbal Freeze after my legs were sore from a big 15 hour day of climbing - including the summit of Aconcogua. It made all my soreness go away, I could not believe it. It's so easy to use, I love it. All Good Lips was always with me, and it just saved my lips when I was trekking in very high winds, it's the best. Ad Alta! To the summit.

Sunstick Enthusiast

I've had a great experience with the Sunsticks - they're the perfect size to travel with me - and they smell scrumptious but not too overpowering! They don't melt even when I forget them in the sunlight...and due to their solid nature, I am mindful while applying them. Thanks - and it was a terrific surprise to see your ecological commitments on your internet site.

Northwest Goop Fan
Auburn, WA

As a lark, I decided to try some "All Good Goop" under my arms before going to bed, and it's the first thing that has worked in years to make me not smell within a couple of hours after a shower, especially without using any deodorant. I still sweat, but it doesn't make things worse. Who knew?”.

Caitlin Ciccone
US Women's Alpine Ski National Champion
Park City, UT

I just wanted to say you make a great product.  I tore my MCL in May and, recently, from walking around all day, my knee was sore and I had a huge bruise from a bike fall a couple days before; I sprayed your Herbal Freeze on it and it was phenominal, felt so good!

Ross Richards
UC Davis, CA

My lips have been chapped and dry for so long, I didn’t think anything was going to help. This weekend, I used All Good Lips, and I only needed to put it on once – my lips were better after one use. Thank you.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow! I am thirteen and I had a dry patch of skin right next to my nose (maybe a rash) and I tried everything from moisturizing to exfoliating to soaping to leaving it alone. Today, I got it on the other side of my nose and I had to go register for school. I almost just put some concealer on it (I don't usually use makeup), but I saw the All Good Goop on my mom's nightstand. She had been using it for her motorcycle burns. I put some on and let it sit and in 3 hours IT WAS GONE. Like totally gone! I am sooo impressed! P.S. it also works for razor burns... and lip balm :)

Kristy Maclean
Whole Foods Market Body Care Buyer
Los Gatos, CA

I fell asleep in the sun without sun block and scorched my face. Your All Good Goop helped so much – I put it on multiple times a day – there was almost no peeling, and it healed my sunburn in just a few days.

Paul Romero
Professional Multisport Adventure Racer
Big Bear Lake, CA

My back had been in spasm all weekend after a ton of driving, intense training, and no stretching...I was hurting.  After one application of your Herbal Freeze, in some 15-30 minutes, my back was relaxed.  I WAS SHOCKED!  Dynamite stuff.

Helena, MT

My daughter became allergic this year to EVERY sunscreen available. When I walked into our Real Foods Store, there was this bottle with a "Try Me" sticker on it. We tried it on her, and she did not break out in hives for the 1st time! So, we bought the product and she is protected w/o getting hives.

Pam Lewis
Owner, Loveybums
Amherst, CA

I gave All Good Goop to a mom/friend of mine who preferred it over all other diaper rash products she has tried. And, I've been using it on my hands because they crack in the winter – and it has completely healed them up! This stuff is really great.

Wynter Kennedy
Kenco Outdoors

My wife ran her first marathon this weekend and All Good Goop played a pivotal role in preventing and repairing some damage. Great stuff. Thanks again.

Karen Waugaman Pereira
Bishops Bengals

I have had issues with my lips for YEARS. AWFUL. I never could find a product that didn't irritate them and make them even dryer. Then I was in Farm Supply and bought a tube of your lip balm. BINGO. PERFECT. Now I tell everyone about your product. I also give them as gifts. I use most of them and ALL are great. Its a blessing to have found you as my lips are finally happy! :)

Diana Kane
Brooklyn, NY

I'm completely in love with the All Good Goop, which I bought for my son this summer in California after his wet suit was chaffing his neck, and then started putting on everything!

Asheville, NC

I must tell you All Good Goop is magical stuff. It has cleared acne and lightens age spots. I burned myself and the scar is gone. Sometimes I put a little under my eyes at night and it gives them a little lift too. Magic stuff I tell you….

Boston, MA

I love Herbal Freeze and have been sharing it with skier/biking friends! It has been the best topical pain reliever that I have used.

Templeton, CA

I LOVE the Lip Balms, especially this time of year my lips get really dry. I keep one by the back door for whenever I go outside with the children. I love the colors; they are very neutral and soft.

Irvine, CA

I love the Goop! Love it! I even put it all over my face and neck and hands at night! I have had great success with burns and cuts and recently had 3 stitches and the goop healed it faster. It was on my face and it worked the best! I am so sold on your stuff. And I love the Herbal Freeze. I’ve use it for headaches (on temples) and it works and muscle aches of course. Love your stuff!! I’ve done roll labels for you guys in the past and noticed your ingredients and then when I used the products I was SOLD! I’m almost out of Goop but will reorder soon. Hope you guys are selling the heck out of product because it’s the best! Much luck!

Amanda Doty
San Jose, CA

I ♥ All Good Goop! I seriously ♥ it! I had massively chapped lips (and nose) due to a major head cold. Splitting and bleeding and throbbing and painful. 3 applications and 6 hours later, my lip-healing process has been sped up by a factor of 24! Like a week's worth of healing in about 7 hours. Wowee!!! THANK YOU!!!

Dan Gardener
West Linn, OR

I was given "All Good Lips" Original with SPF12 at Burning Man of all places. You know "gifting". I loved it. My son is taking a medication for acne that makes his lips really dry. I gave it to him and it worked great. He has tried all kinds of other lip balms and yours is the best. Of course, he immediately runs it through the laundry leaving it in his pants like any certified 16 year old would do. He exclaimed, "Dad, you have to get me some more!" So off to Whole Foods I went. Nothing has worked as best as your product for my poor son battling the joys of teenage years. Thanks!


I was told of your product last year during the UNFI event in Portland, Oregon and visited your booth. After some persuasion, I was able to acquire a full bottle of the Herbal Freeze. I have bulging discs, degenerative discs, arthritis and spinal stenosis. I have dealt with long term pain from my hip up to my back for years. One year later, I am nearing the end of my original bottle and wanted to share with you and your potential clients how truly wonderful this product has been for me. It provides quick relief and the application is easy. After spending 8-10 hours at my desk each day, I look forward to the relief I will receive when I apply Herbal Freeze. With many thanks!

Sara Berman
Ketchum, ID

All Good Goop!... it is my ultimate go-to healing salve for everything!! One of my 7th grade students said she also uses the goop and calls it "Boo-Boo Goo" - she agrees that it is the best ever.

Joyce M. King
Devoted Baseball Wife
Parma, OH

My husband was recommended to use Herbal Freeze by two surgeons at the world renowned, Cleveland Clinic Health Center. He plays competitive co-ed and men's softball at 52 years old. He has suffered from back aches, inflammation, muscle tears and pulls and arthritis throughout his softball career of 29 seasons. We have tried many over-the-couter remedies throughout the past five years; however, we have found the best results from using Herbal Freeze! Additionally, I like the fact that it doesn't have a bad medicine or hospital smell, as some of those products do. We will no doubt continue to purchase this product for a long time.

Zen Honeycutt
Proprietor, Zen’s Purple Garden
Laguna Beach, CA

I love your goop product, I use it on my kids' scrapes and it’s just great. I feel so good using something natural versus anti-bacterial ointments that have all kinds of synthetic chemicals in them.

Scott Norris
Climber/ Bartender
Glenwood Springs, CO

When my toes and heels were all cracked from walking around barefooted on the Black Rock Desert “playa” at Burning Man, All Good Goop saved me. Without using the goop daily, I would never have been able to get my feet back into climbing shoes for a big wall ascent in Yosemite the following week.

Bloomington, IN

I got a free tube from Patagonia at a festival a couple years back. I tracked down the maker of this lip balm so I could buy more. It is the best I've ever used! I love it!.

So Cal Beach Goer
Newport Beach, CA

NEW Zinc Sunscreen- It’s A Must Get! This stuff is the best! It's better than anything I have used before. It's non-greasy and doesn't make your face break out. I like using it after I shave too. And the best part is that it is ocean and reef safe. 5 stars.

Judy M.
Vaughn, WA

Thank you, thank you! I developed a blood clot on an airplane ride, so am on Warfarin. My skin had become so dry and flushed, it felt like my face would fall off. My doctor thought it was rosacea so gave prescribed me Metragel -- ouch! Didn't help. I decided to try All Good Goop-- WOW, the soreness and dryness is almost gone! Thank you very much. I will pass the info on to my doctor.

Matt Hall
Paso Robles, CA

I've been using all of All Good's products for my personal use. One day, I thought I would try the Goop on my dog's open ear wounds. I have a Veglia hound/boxer mix who has long, floppy ears. During summer months, he is in the lake regularly and gets water trapped in them. The trapped water bugs him and he proceeds to compulsively scratch at them. The skin on the tips of his ears breaks and an open wound lasts throughout the whole summer. I've tried everything and anything for the open wounds. Your All Good Goop packed in the wound healed the ears so fast and so well that I am ever so grateful! Thanks for making such awesome products!

Oceanside, CA

I've tried numerous lip balms and have found that most tend to be either too hard, too soft, or too full of unnatural ingredients. The firmness on this one is enough to keep a layer on your lips for a decent amount of time, but not so much as to be waxy. The fact that it's made with all organic ingredients is awesome!

Suwanee, GA

I have tried the kid's version SPF 30 and it did wonders on my kid's skin. It especially did not have the whitish appearance other sunscreens leave which looks annoying. This one is very clear upon application. I recommend buying from All Good directly, as their service is very good. I had received a damaged product and they replaced it at no cost. They really deserve the rating 1 on the EWG. Swetha.

Danielle Jane Howe
Animal Advocate

I am 15 years old and I spend a lot of my time campaigning tirelessly for animals. Therefore, I was delighted to discover that you do not conduct or fund tests on animals. I think this is brilliant and sets a great example for similar companies who should be doing the same. Thank you very much and good luck in the future.

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