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All Good's Activist Athlete program is reserved for top athletes who not only excel in a human-powered outdoor sport, but also dedicate themselves to fighting non-violently for environmental and social causes. As leaders in their fields, our sponsored activist athletes are our examples of what people can do for the world. They are our voices for change! They are also part of our field-testing team who use our products in extreme environments, helping us create the most effective, high performance formulas available.

alison-thumb.jpgAlison Gannett

Extreme FreeSkier/Pro Mountain Biker/Global Cooling Consultant  


Paige AlmsPaige Alms

Professional Big Wave Surfer  


olivia-thumb.jpgOlivia Hsu

Climber / Yoga Master


moona-thumb.jpgMoona Whyte

Professional Kitesurfer


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