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6 Self-Care Tips for Having the Best Valentine's Day Ever

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It's Valentine's Day, so light a candle and settle in for the night…  because whether you've got a hot date in store or if binge-watching Schitt’s Creek (again) is more your style, today is all about *you*. 

While exercising, journaling, and spending time outside are all great self-care activities, All Good has a recipe to make this Valentine's day a self-love, skincare dream. Keep these 6 sweet self-care tips in mind and you'll have the best Valentine's Day ever. 

  1. MASSAGE TIME. Grab your boo or rock it solo — first thing on our list is a coconut oil massage. Lather up and dig deep, this is all about connecting with yourself… or your partner. Lavender, lemongrass, or an essential oil scent of your own choice will make this experience blissfully aromatic.

  2. EXTRA-LUX BUBBLE BATH. Now that you’re covered in the magic of coconut oil and your skin is feeling the moisturizing and healing effects, it’s time to hit the tub. And yes… that means more coconut oil. Kick your feet up, pour a glass of wine (or two) and add a spoonful to your bubble bath for an extra-moisturizing soak. Bonus points for smelling delish.

  3. LUSCIOUS LOCKS. But wait, is your hair feeling jealous of all the attention your skin is getting? Not to worry — coconut oil can also make for a revitalizing hair mask. (What can’t this stuff do?)

  4. LATHER UP. Okay enough about coconut oil (but let’s be real: we can never have enough), let’s talk lotion. Made from all the good stuff and none of the bad, our organic botanical lotions will soothe your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and soft to the touch. Apply all over your skin to lock in all that moisture and give your body an irresistible scent. 
  5. TACKLE PROBLEM AREAS. As fun as this is, tonight isn’t only about pampering yourself, we also want to alleviate any problem spots for healthier skin. Whether your skin struggles with eczema, dry knuckles, or pesky blisters from your favorite pumps, All Good Goop will be your best friend.

  6. PUCKER UP. With your skin touchable and your hair luscious, don’t skip out on All Good lips, our fabulous balms, to get those lips kissable.

Showering yourself with love is just as important (if not more) as caring for that special someone (or say, all the special people) in your life.

Not only does spoiling yourself with All Good products feel great, but you can take heart in the fact that we only use ingredients deemed safe by the FDA. Better yet, we source organically and grow our very own botanical ingredients whenever possible. 

All Good makes every Valentine's Day better: single or taken. Shop All Good.

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