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Reef Friendly

Every year millions of people wade into beautiful coastal waters to admire coral reefs and the natural wonders of the ocean. Every year we unknowingly shed thousands of tons of toxic, chemically laden sunscreen into our oceans threatening these same natural wonders — the reefs, the turtles, the seahorses — and together we can do something about it.

While there are a number of sunscreens on the market that claim to be ‘natural’ or ‘safe’ for coastal ecosystems, most fail to live up to their promises. In particular, coral reefs around the globe are under incredible stress due to climate change and pollution such as the common chemicals found in most sunscreens.

Using the latest scientific studies, we’ve outlined criteria so you can make the best choice for the health of our oceans, health of coral reefs and the health of your skin.

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Reef-Friendly Criteria
Oxybenzone: Toxic to Reefs
Take Action: Ban Oxybenzone
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